Natural Hair Extensions

We only use superior quality 100% natural Remy human hair extensions. Because these hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% human hair they are healthy, less likely to tangle and of course, can do anything hair can do in ways of styling and washing.  We offer a wide variety of hair extensions in ranges of colors, lengths and textures with competitive prices. This hair has no brand name which means the pricing goes towards the quality instead of the branding or labeling.  What makes our extensions so gentle is the bonding technique.  Lastly, what makes them gorgeous is the technical excellence of our stylists who are trained in customizing color, legnth and texture selection, bond type, placement, and the most important, extension hair cutting to make the hair style look-like your natural hair.  Our extensions look so believable, it's unbelievable.  No one will know unless you want them too.

Feather Extensions

Our Feather Extensions feature the highest-grade, all-natural feathers dyed in a brilliant burst of trend-leading colors. Extensions are sold as a bundle of feathers and professionally bound to your hair for only $25. Our premium-grade feathers respond beautifully to heat styling just like your natural hair. With proper care and professional installation, Feather Hair Extensions will maintain their brilliance and shape until you’re ready to return to the salon for a whole new color look.

Tinsel & Jeweled Extensions

Tinsel and Jeweled Hair Extensions are one of the hottest hair accessory trends.

Tinsel Hair Extensions

Tinsel Extensions are individual, colorful strands of sparkling tinsel that can be attached the same way hair extensions are attached. Tinsel Hair Extensions add a shimmering, colorful look for all types of hair. Just attach a few strands for a casual, playful look or attach several strands for a more impressive, striking look for a night out on the town. The Tinsel can be washed, blown dry, brushed, curled, and flat ironed (200°C and lower). With proper care and maintenance hair tinsel will last anywhere from 2-5 weeks.

Jeweled Hair Extensions

Make your hair sparkle with elegant, invisible strands of genuine Swarovski Crystals! Held firmly in the hair by two small magnets or they can be installed just like an extension. Crystal Hair Extensions are easily attachable and removable – wear them anytime, anywhere. A unique hair jewelry accessory!

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