Belli Bellii TV Launch

Hi Beautiful,

We are so excited to launch our newest product straight to you every week.

What is it?
What if I don't want it?
How much will it cost me?

Believe me you want it. 

It's Belli Belli videos in your inbox- For FREE.

Ever think your stylist has magic hands and there's no way you could do what she does once you get home? We're going to help you with that.

You'll get:
How To's 
5 minute Friday Night Styling Tips
Hair Do's and Don'ts
Belli Belli's beauty perspective on beauty culture and salon philosophies
We will be answering your FAQ's 
and so much more . . .

Feel free to laugh at us, give us any feedback, and please tell us if these videos add value to your beautiful life. We're hoping they make styling your hair easier, lighter and more fun.

Take care (of your hair),
Jennelle & Stefan Reisch
Belli Belli Salon
San Diego, CA 92109

Posted on July 2, 2013 .