How To Use A Bobby Pin

Hello Beautiful,

Introducing your new best friend.  

What if I told you that your hair styling best friend has always been there with you?

Is it possible that . . . 

You hardly noticed him

You rarely used him 


You didn’t realize how amazing the two of your are together.


Your NEW best friend and mine.  

He will go everywhere with you.

He will be in your wallet and might even end up in your bed.

Meet Bobby.

Mr. Pin.

You’re going to fall for him big time

It will be a life long love affair

He’s going to save you when you’re desperate

He will make your nights smoother and sexier 


Your life just got easier

We are here to show you How To Use A Bobby Pin

It’s a game changer

You are going to master the bobby pin.  It will give you the ultimate french twist, top knot and side sweep you off your feet.

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Take care

(of your hair),

Belli Belli Salon San Diego


Posted on August 6, 2013 .