We love hair.  We love doing hair, teaching hair.  We love showcasing our best work.

Send in this form to become one of our models for our classes, photo shoots and/or weekly videos.  You'll receive free hair services, products and more.  

Our classes are where our Educational Director teaches our new stylists the advanced fundamentals of Belli Belli services and techniques.   Everyone can be a model for a cut, color and styling class.  For these we need to know your limitations with hair length and color.  Would you be willing to get a pixie cut?  We always need curly hair for styling classes.  We do a class on every length, color technique and lots of styling.  We also need extension models, in this advanced class you pay for the hair.

Our photo shoots and videos are our best work.  These are displayed in salon and on line.   For these we need your height, clothing size, shoe size, skin coloring and hair color.

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We want models of every ethnicity and coloring.
Want to keep your length? Up for a pixie cut? Natural highlights or bold color?