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Pricing is per stylist.  Stylst pricing reflects two things: experience and availability (aka popularity).  

Your beauty budget is your business.  Everyone has a budget for beauty,  just like you have a budget for your wardrobe, dining out, travel, birthday gifts etc.  Some people want to go to a top stylist at the top price to style their locks.  Some want to pay the lowest price possible to get a basic trim and a simple gorgeous color.  We want you happy with the price you want to pay and we'll help you match with a stylist at that price point.

Our business is to match you up with a stylist who fits into your beauty budget.  Please ask for pricing at time of scheduling and before your services begin in your consultation.  Sometimes during consultations, services change from what you may have originally scheduled your appointment for.  Sometimes a stylist's pricing goes up.  In that case, he/she is always willing to refer you to a stylist whose pricing matches your beauty budget.  

When you're at Belli Belli, we want your experience to be wonderful.  No surprises.  Feel free to ask the price of anything we offer.  Check out our Promotions in our New Client page and Loyalty Rewards page for more info about First Time Client incentives and Belli Belli Points for our raving fans.  

Love the hair you wear.

Be Beautiful.

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