Balayage a French coloring technique developed in the 70s.  Is a freehand technique where lightener and or color is applied to the hair in open air rather than using traditional foiling techniques (some foiling techniques may be used to get desired artistic look) with balyage we are able to create & mimic the natural lightening that occurs from the sun kissing your hair we like to describe it as "7 year old" blonde or brond. Softening the root and regrowth Balayage allows the client to go for longer periods between color appointments. Initially it may take multiple appointments (applications) to achieve desired lightness. Balayage works best on natural hair still beautiful effects are also achieved on previously colored hair. Many times Balayage is used to create an ombre´ or sombre´ look.  Still curious?  Consult with your Belli Belli stylist to see if balayage is for you?