Bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble was created to work in the rigorous conditions of the photo shoot, going down fashion runways, in the salon, and in your home. Their genius lies in the fact that they can be mixed and layered to create a virtually unlimited palette of effects for any type of hair. Choose a mood, or change it every day.

Bumble and bumble’s mission is to be the best hair care company in the world through a continuous process of self-examination and re-invention; to inspire creativity in everyone we touch by offering advanced education in all aspects of the salon business, building lasting relationships within our community and creating exceptional products; to have a great time doing it all.

"We choose Bumble and bumble for it's capacity to make hair edgy, fashion forward and street.  It's stregnths are in these top products: Sumotech, Spray de Mode hairspray, Classic hairspray, Brilliantine and Surf Spray.  Bumble and bumble is affordable and trendy."  - Stefan Reisch

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